Drug Store Haul

August 26, 2013

I decided to go to the mall to have some me time just because I am so stress with work. I only went there to window shop and do some exercise - walking - hahahaha! Anyways, I got inside Watsons and I just can't help but buy some beauty stuff.

Glam Works Foaming Acne Wash in Tea Tree Oil
Glam Works Nose Pore Strips in Green Tea
Myra Facial Moisturizer
Foot Treats Anti-Bacterial Foot Spray in Citrus and Magnolia
I got each item for Php 99.00 except for Myra Facial Moisturizer which only cost like Php 12.00 per sachet and also the Foot Treats Anti-Bacterial Foot Spray is on sale for Php 99.00 for 2 bottles. Product review on each item will be up on my next blog entry.

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  1. wow 100 bucks each :D great haul! would like to read about your revuew in the foot spray and the acne wash :D

  2. wow nice hail sis! Products with tea tree oil is very effective! It is the number one use products in australia. love the foot spray!

    1. Thank you for the information regarding tea tree oil :) I'm not aware of that and the only reason I bought it is because it smells nice.

  3. I love Watsons. Great and Affordable Haul. Hoping to hear your review about your haul soon. :-)

  4. How come these are all so affordable? Php 99? And the Myra is Php 12 only! Do they have a sale? Or promo?

    I'll wait for your review! I want to know more about the Nose Pore Strips.

    By the way, could you pls change my blog url on your exits page? I have already moved to heartyblue.com kasi. hihi thanks! :)

    1. I'm not sure if they are on sale or talagang very affordable lang mga prices nila. Anyway, link already updated :)

  5. Watsons are always having a sale. I bought spa milk salt for only about 30 pesos which is originally 80 pesos I think. Hot oil - buy one take one, a lotion which is also buy one take one, a foot scrub which is also buy one take one. Really awesome deals with watson. I can't wait for you review. :)


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