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August 11, 2013

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I just gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and wasn't able to loose those extra calories due to my sedentary lifestyle. As you all can see, I work 8 hours a day for 5 straight days as an email support associate which only means that almost all of my time at work was spent sitting in front of a computer and do proper escalation regarding client's concern. Anyway, the only exercise that I can do it walking and running around the house to clean up the mess that my kids made before I got home from work.

Moving forward, since I am such a foodie my weight dramatically increases every time I eat (obviously) and aside from that weight gain I've become the old asthmatic me. To be honest I have no idea about BMI and such but I can pretty tell that I'm already beyond the desirable weight because of the asthma attacks that I've been encountering. Another changes that I saw was the fact that some of my clothes does not fit me at all or if they fit then it doesn't look good with all the bulging here and there. That's when it hits me on staring a project which I will call Project Sexy, not very original but it does suit the current situation.

Anyway, I have a lot of plans going on in my little head but I shall be focusing on the following first:
  • Enroll on a gym
  • Walk/Run 
  • Zumba from home
  • Jump rope
  • Change eating habits
I've already saw a gym which is a good distance away from where I currently live and I plan on just walking from home to the gym instead of riding a tricycle. The walking will serve as a warm-up after all. By the way, the gym that I saw is accepting a per session basis meaning you'll only pay every time you visit. Oh! And it only causes Php 50.00 per session.

I guess I shall be sharing with you my road to fitness from day 1 but for now I need your help regarding the music that I should save on my mp3 so I can listen to them while doing my workout. You may leave your suggestions on the comment box below.

Hope you can join me on my project.

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  1. We're on the same project sis!
    I started cutting out my meals. I just can't go on exercise though. *feeling determined!

    1. Good luck to both of us and I do hope to read on your progress para naman ma-motivate din ako.

  2. Good luck on project sexy. Well as Yoda says, Do or do not, there is no try.

  3. Honestly cool. It inspired me to work on my diet more :D

  4. same plans as well. but i've been having troubles pursuing these plans. i procrastinate a lot. haha :)) i'm also trying to get rid of these tiger stretch marks i got since pregnancy.

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    1. Medyo mahirap pero isang malaking determination and patience talaga ang kailangan.

  5. We had the same plans but i had trouble pursuing on these plans. i procrastinate a lot. hehe :)) but still, i'm still planning on to get rid of these tiger stretch marks though and losing fats too.

    p.s. join my giveaway here: http://charlotteanne.tk/2013/08/charlotte-anne-x-ahaishopping-clothes-giveaway/