Fire Noodle Challenge

November 14, 2016

There's this food challenge going around YouTube called "Fire Noodle Challenge" where challengers will eat a Korean brand of spicy noodles which I believe goes by the brand name Samyang. According to my research, there are actually two (2) variants of the said noodles; (1) chicken, and (2) cheese which of course are both extremely spicy. Also, it is a spaghetti style noodles.

Fire Noodle Challenge

Maire (sister) and I tried the chicken flavor one which was given to us by Allene (sister), thank you so much. She bought a whole pack at Divisoria amounting to Php 300, I believe. Since Maire and I are both hungry, we decided to take the challenge and experience the spiciness of the noodles ourselves. We really can't understand the instructions provided at the back of the noodle packet thus we cooked it the way we cook Pancit Canton. Anyway, aside from Divisoria, you can also avail this noodles in any Korean store that you know.

Fire Noodle Challenge

I'm into anything spicy but can you believe that I surrendered eating because it was extremely spicy to think that we didn't actually pour all the sauce. Yes it does taste good but it will really leave a burning feeling in your tongue. I actually have no idea how other people are able to finish eating this noodles, HAHAHA.

Just in case you want to take the challenge better prepare your milk drink to lessen the burning feeling on your tongue. Yes, that's a little tip for you that I forgot to do, HAHAHA!

Watch our reactions and whatnots below. You may also want to count the number of times that I said the word "maanghang."

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