Cold Spot Cafe

January 06, 2017

We've been planning a lot of times to visit Cold Spot Cafe however due to our busy schedule we couldn't find the right time to do so. Funny thing is that the said cafe is just a ride away from where we reside, LOL! Anyway, natuloy din naman kami nong November 20 and biglaan pa. Totoo nga siguro na mas madalas matuloy yung mga lakad na hindi planado kesa dun sa super nagbibigay effort ka, haha.

Cold Spot Cafe

Hindi naman kami sawi kasi super satisfied naman kami sa lasa and prices nong mga food. Actually karamihan sa food choices nila is good for sharing na kaya sure ako kapag nagpunta kayo ng friend or family mo matinding bonding ang mangyayari. Most of our orders are from Cold Spot Cafe's rice variant kasi dinner time naman na nong nagpunta kami.

Cold Spot Cafe
Salisbury Steak - Php 195.00
Burger steak seasoned with Salisbury sauce, served with mashed potato, mixed vegetable, and java rice.

Cold Spot Cafe
Pork Katsu - Php 185.00
Seasoned deep fried pork chop topped with savoury sauce, served with mixed vegetables and white rice.

Cold Spot Cafe
Chicken Teriyaki - Php 185.00
Chicken fillet cooked in teriyaki sauce, served with mixed vegetables and java rice.

Cheat Day Platter - Php 299.00
Cheesy Beef Nachos, French Fries, and Mojos served with 3 different dips

 King's Frappe (22oz) - Php 165

We will definitely go back kapag nagkaron ng time but for now mag-try pa kami ng iba pang makakainan na malapit sa amin.

Watch the vlog below :)

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