Self-Portrait and 5 Random Facts About Yourself

August 29, 2013

Hey everyone! I decided to do random facts about yourself so that you'll get to know more of me (duh?!). Anyway, should you decide to share 5 random facts about yourself just hit the comment box below and would love to read yours.

 Here we go.

  1. I'm a nocturnal (or more of a vampire) because I stay up all night doing nothing or just watching videos on YouTube.
  2. I dream of going to Paris.
  3. I really want to learn how to apply make-up. Hey, not that I don't know how but as of the moment I can only do blush, lips and not so complicated stuff on the eyes.
  4. I think I have OCD.
  5. I was once active in sports and dancing until I started working.
That's about it. I sure still have a lot of random facts about myself to share but as of now I'm limiting it to 5. Also, I can't wait to read about yours so hit my comment box and I'll read your 5 random fact.

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  1. I can relate sa paris trip!!! :) I really have a hard time when breaking down 5 facts about me! haha but im for sure pretty crazy with water adventures and I love Islam!

    1. Diba, Paris is just love. Sana makapunta tayo soon. To be honest medyo nahirapan din ako to go with just 5 pero since per title random e di i-share ko yung unang maisip ko, haha.

  2. Nice to know about this sis! I guess one thing that we both have here on your lists is the number 2 & 3 i wanted to learn those really cool make up as well or even a smokey look haha I'm kinda noob about this makeup thing

    1. Apir! At least I am not the only one pala na hindi marunong, haha! I-push natin yan.

  3. I like this post <3 Ohh I wanna visit Paris too ^ ^ It's every girls dream *wink

    I also stay late watching movies online. I love shopping and hmmmm,
    I love to eat too ha-ha

    Lastly, I am obsessed with makeup and fashion clothes Yay!


  4. I can never be a nocturnal. I'm a sleepyhead! hehe
    I want to go to Paris too, but I'd choose London over all other places in the world. Hahaha
    I also want to learn how to apply makeup. Buti ka pa nga marunong pa magblush on. Ako loose powder lang haha
    I'm a total opposite. I'm very messy with my things huhu
    Wow sports and dancing! You should go back to being active! That's good for your health:)