The Sunday Currently // 01

February 07, 2016

Happy Sunday and happy long weekend to everyone. Yes, I'm back to blogging again after a very long hiatus which is actually not new to me, LOL! Expect that I'll do random updates from time to time though I'm going to start a blog series starting of with The Sunday Currently which of course will be up every Sunday. Anyway, I've done this before but reverted the posted one to draft because I want to start from scratch. I guess my back-to-blogging introduction is already longer than I expected. Let's start with the main content, shall we?


An eBook version of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined by Stephenie Meyer. I'm still struggling on finishing this one because it's confusing me.

The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Since today is fiesta then I have no choice but to listen to drum rolls and karaoke music which by the way are simultaneously playing left and right. It's fun though.

If I should go join an upcoming workshop for the benefit of our business or maybe next time. Also, if I should create another Instagram account solely for blogging purpose.

Vicks Vaporub straight from its tub, LOL! I'm actually not feeling well since yesterday due to the sudden climate change and I don't want to take antihistamine everyday.

For more clients to book us :)

That I'll get better soon because I can't afford to stay sick. I need to do my duties as a mom and wife plus we have an upcoming event this Tuesday.

An old shirt and boxer shorts because I'm lazy like that, LOL!

Snapchat, LOL! I know I'm such a late bloomer so better add me, angievianzon.

To get hold of that Kylie Jenner lippies but then its out of stock yet again. Maybe the lippies are not for me :(

To catch up with a lot of stuff.

A little restless and of course sick.

The Sunday Currently is an original link-up by Lauren of siddathotnton.

How was your long weekend so far?

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