An Honest Review On Royale's Fiberich

November 12, 2014

WHAT IS FIBERICH? It is a 100% psyllium seed husk that comes from the crushed seed of the plantago ovata plant. Psyllium is a natural fiber grain, not related to wheat, that yields 60-70 percent solubility.

Fiberich also does the following:

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Helps eliminate constipation and regulates bowel movement.
  • HELPS LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVEL. Binds with cholesterol secreted in bile acids and excretes it before it is absorbed in the bloodstream.
  • HELPS YOU STAY FIT. Adds volume to your meals without adding calories and staves off hunger to keep you feel full longer. 
  • AIDS IN BLOOD SUGAR MANAGEMENT. Slows down digestion to allow gradual release of glucose.
  • HELPS PREVENT DISEASES. Acts like an internal broom which cleans the walls of digestive tracts, helps remove toxins from digestive system and colon, and keeps an optimal PH in intestines to prevent microbes from producing cancer substances.
DISCLAIMER: Since I am going to do an honest review regarding this product, please do expect TMIs on this entry.

Ever since I was little, I've already been struggling with constipation and/or irregular bowel movement. By that, I really mean not be able to poop on a daily basis and I can only use one of my hands to count the days on when I was able to visit the comfort room to poop given a month timeline. Yes, it wasn't normal at all and I'm actually afraid that I'll acquire a more serious disease that I will forever be ungrateful.

I've already tried a lot of products and home remedies such as drinking prune juice, usage of rectal suppository, eating ripe papaya, drinking laxatives, and etc but to no avail. Yes, I'll be able to poop in an instant but it didn't regulate my bowel movement at all.

Then I've heard about Royale's Fiberich and gave it a try while crossing my fingers that it will do wonders on regulating my bowel movement as well as get rid of my constipation. As the instructions goes, 1 tablespoon of Fiberich on a glass of water and mix for about 5 to 10 times and then bottoms up during bedtime. To be honest, I got disappointed because I wasn't able to feel its effect on my first 3 attempts which means I didn't poop the next day after drinking. I still tried ad hoped, on my fourth attempt I mixed 2 tablespoons of Fiberich on a glass of water because the instructions said that you can add another tablespoon depending on your desire and so I did. Lucky, the 2 tablespoon and glass of water worked for me and I continued drinking Fiberich with the 2 tablespoon and a glass of water mixture for a week.

As of this writing, my second bottle of Fiberich will almost hit the pan and I've been drinking it everyday using the 1 tablespoon and a glass of water mixture during bedtime for maintenance purposes. There are times that I wasn't able to drink but I will still be able to poop which means that my bowel movement is already regulated.

Here's some TMI scenario where I can attest how effective the product is.

SCENARIO 1: Ate a seedless watermelon and since the white watermelon seeds can be eaten I ate it, LOL. The next day when I poop, I saw the white watermelon seed together with the poop. Eww but true.

SCENARIO 2: Ate buttered mixed veggies (corn, carrots, and peas) when I poop the next day I saw the undigested corn together with the poop. Another eww but true.

The list actually goes on but I won't elaborate anymore, LOL! Yes, I do check my poop because I really wanted to know if the product is effective or not because as they say Psyllium fiber acts as a sponge that absorbs the unwanted toxins inside your colon.

Anyway, aside from helping me with my constipation and irregular bowel movement. Fiberich also helped me lose a little weight since it cleanses our colon.

I know that I still got a long journey in terms of weight loss but I'm really happy to see some improvements.

Anyway, if you want to try Royale's Fiberich then check out the following details below for orders and/or inquiries.

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