What's Inside: Cara Wallet

October 03, 2014

I've been using my Cara (retails at Php 390) wallet from McKayla for three (3) straight months now and I'm very much satisfied on how it is well-made despite the fact that I always carry it around - errands or non-errands. Cara's dimension of 6.5" x 5" may sound small but I do attest on how spacious the wallet is that it can actually fit two (2) mobile phones - MyPhone Agua Vortex and Starmobile UP just to be exact.

When you flip the wallet open, you will see that there are four (4) card holder slots but fret not because each slots can hold up to 3 or 4 cards.

Cara wallet have 3 inner compartments wherein the middle compartment I mainly used for paper bills while my mobile phones will be placed on both the left and the right compartment. Then again, its still up to you on what stuff would you want to put in there.

And of course, the coin compartment goes at the back of the wallet for easy access.

So without any further adieu, I present to everyone all the stuff that's inside my own Cara wallet minus the MyPhone Agua Vortex which I used for taking all the pictures.

Overall, the product may be locally made but it has an export quality. Imagine how stressful the life of my Cara wallet since I'm really using it on a daily basis but up until now the wallet still looks as if I just bought it today.

Want to have your own Cara wallet? Then contact McKayla thru the following:

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