Friday's 10 Happy Things // 02

February 19, 2016

Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things where I/we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

This week was a little bumpy tho.

  1. Hubby's back to working again. It made my "daily routine" a little bumpy at first but really glad that I was able to keep pace and well survive the first week without him helping me.
  2. Sophia's first ever participation on a role playing activity in their school for their Literature week.
  3. Client's approval of the template that I sent, wohooo!
  4. My sister and my grandma.
  5. My cousin's yummy cookies which I'm not sure what's made of, LOL! I guess the cookies has oats, marshmallow and dark chocolate in it.
  6. Life realization.
  7. I got to sleep for about 3 hours last night but was still able to be do all the task that needs to be taken care of. I'mma go to sleep after writing this one tho because I still have duties for later, hahaha.
  8. Chocolates
  9. Friends with the same wavelengths that I have
  10. Allerclear (antihistamine), Advil, Muconase, and Vicks Vaporub just because they've been helping me with my allergy/asthma.
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