An Open Letter To God

January 01, 2014

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Dear Papa God,

I know I haven't visited nor talked to you for ages but it doesn't mean that I already forgot you. In fact, I can say that I've been putting into actions everything that you've taught me. Sure, I make mistakes at times but rest assured that from that I've learned a lot from that mistake and come to realized the things that I need to straighten up. 2013 might not be the best year for me because you've given me a lot of challenges that really rocked and almost cluttered my life into pieces but I never gave up my faith in you.

Today, I can see the reward of being a faithful servant because I have the most important things in the world that even  money cannot buy. I am really grateful that you've given me a husband - despite his shortcomings - who truly loves me wholeheartedly. I am also thankful for giving me my kids because even if we have this love-hate-kind of relationship at the end both of them still know how unconditional my love for them is. Let us not forget my relatives and true friends that even if seeing each other is impossible they are still there to catch up and understand my craziness.

I pray that you continue to shower all of us the blessings that we truly deserved and may you also continue providing us life challenges that will make us a better person, make us mature and gain knowledge from all of it. Papa God, help us make this 365 days a good and memorable one and an experience of a lifetime.

Your loving daughter,

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