Shop Caboodle at Sanctuario de San Pedro Bautista

December 27, 2013

Shop Caboodle, together with Plumpytude, joined the Sunday Tiangge at Sanctuario de San Pedro Bautista last Sunday (December 22, 2013). We started at around 8 in the morning and went home at around 1 in the afternoon for the obvious reason that there will be no people around during that time. Anyway, went back at around 4 in the afternoon and totally call it a day at around 9 or may 10 in the evening. I'm a first timer although I already have an idea on the things that needs to be done because I was able to visit my cousin on her tiangge when I was still a little kid. For me, it was a successful tiangge and really looking forward into joining another one and I am hopeful to join the big ones in the future.

I'm so lucky that I was able to share a booth with Plumpytude. In behalf of Plumpytude, we do hope to see you on the next tiangge/bazaar that we are going to join and thank you to those who dropped by and purchased our items.

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  1. Hope you can let us know when you're joining another one :)