LOVE DESSERTS: Let Loose of Stress

April 19, 2013

They say that STRESSED when spelled backward equates to DESSERTS, thus the decision to go and indulge with LOVE DESSERTS unlimited offer. I must say it is one of the best decisions I ever made – not thinking of the additional weight that I’ll get. I've wanted to try Love Desserts since late last year but it was only last March 15, 2013 that my office mates and I decided to finally go and try it out.

Our work shift are not fixed - the usual 8am to 5pm - therefore we opt to visit Love Desserts at around 7pm while those whose shift is until 8pm will just follow. None of us ate dinner because we want our stomach carry everything that Love Desserts will cater all of us,

Anyhow, Love Desserts unlimited desserts is priced at Php 199.00 and is limited to two (2) hours of stay. Also, for Php 199.00 you will be able to enjoy eating unlimited desserts such as cakes, ice cream, crepes, coffee and more.

Below are some photos of the food although I'm not sure if they have the same menu everyday.

Pastries Table @ Love Desserts
Halo Halo and Milk Tea Station @ Love Desserts

Ice Cream by Big Scoop @ Love Desserts

Crepe Station @ Love Desserts

Toppings for Crepe or Ice Cream @ Love Desserts

Aside from desserts they also serve a few non-dessert food so you'll not be fed up with all the sweet treats.

Dynamite and Sylvanas @ Love Desserts

Nacho Ala Love Desserts

FOOD: Delicious except for the Graham Cake and Crepes. It'll be better if the Graham Cakes were kept refrigerated and as for the Crepes the syrups that they use are too sweet.

VENUE: Very accessible but the place itself is too small especially if you are going to visit as a group. They have WiFi but I wasn't able to connect even with the correct password.

PRICE: Very affordable but not recommended if you are bringing your kids with you. Discount for kids depends on their height or something like that unless you are going to avail of their regular price item then Php 199.00 is still worth it.

915 Banawe St cor G Roxas Ave
Manresa, Quezon City
(02) 348-3551

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