Book Haul And Some Updates

October 04, 2012

I am a self-confess bookworm although I am not like the other book lovers who really spend some cash to buy the book that they wanted to read. I am more of an e-book fan ever since I met my very first e-book because I find it more convenient since I can read using my phone. Anyway, after so many years I was able to do book haul again and thanks to Book Sale for having the cheapest price and wide selection of books.

Here's the book that I am currently reading.
The price, a whooping Php 100 for both books. The authors are new to me but as of the moment I am currently reading the book Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist and so far I kind of liking it and once I'm done reading it I promise to make a review about the book. Oh well, I still have a lot of books to purchase but for now I need to finish these books first, hihi!

Anyway, I just want to announce the winner of my Mikayla's Boutique Giveaway.

Congratulations! Karen Borja, Charmaine Silang Cruzat, Paula Conese Dela Cruz, Cheska Pagsanjan, and Marzs Lugtu for winning. Please don't forget to contact me your details so I'll be able to forward it to Ms. Geelyn of Mikayla's Boutique.

As for the other giveaway, please do check my previous post to see if you are one of the lucky winners.

Will try to have more giveaways soon but for now I shall get myself busy with work, reading and catching up with the kiddos.

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  1. What a bargain for these very good reads! Maybe you could post some review later :-)

  2. Two books for P100 is really a good deal and both seem interesting and inspiring books.

  3. Very Cool Post. Like that Very much.

  4. yeah, i enjoy reading as well. it is relaxing, especially when i read in bed. i have a large reading collection that i need to finish reading.

  5. Hi Angie. I won! :) Haha.
    Thank you!

    I'm not sure what contact details you want, but if email, then it's karotski @ :) ♥

  6. That's a total bargain! I'm jealous... it has been a long time since I last had the chance to read--with my busy schedule, it's almost next to impossible. :(

  7. 100 pesos? ayos ah. mura. :)

    New post @ or

  8. Nothing beats the smell of a new book, there's a certain high you get when you start reading. Of course it doesn't discount the practicality of having an ebook reader (heck, most phones act like one) that you can take anywhere. I enjoy both.

    Cheers to a nice blog. :)

    Rose of Grown-Ups For A Day!

  9. Inlove din ako sa booksale, Anj! Alam mo yaaan. Bahahaha. Ako naman, mas feel ko kapag book talaga. Heehee.

  10. Hello! I am collecting Deeanne Gist's books, sa Booksale ako naghahanap but I can't find her new books. Isa na itong Maid to Match. Can I buy your book?

  11. Hello! I am collecting Deeanne Gist's books... Sa Booksale ako naghahanap, pero wala akong makitang ibang books niya. Can I buy your Maid to Match?

  12. Can I buy your Maid to Match book?

  13. @Jet Manalili - please email me at :)


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