Poor Little Me

September 26, 2012

Been friends with my bed, pillows, thermometer, and medicines for about 4 days now in which we first thought are simple flu but it turned out that the reason for my high grade temperature (40.2 is the highest), chilling and headache is because of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI. No, its not new to me since I already had some past experience with UTI but I never really thought that it would be this hard because another complication that I got is regarding my respiratory. UTI + asthma like sickess is not a good combination at all so the total outcome I was not able to report to work for a 3 days (including today).

Oh well, life goes one and so does my medicines. LOL! I have new prescribed medicine which I some I need to drink 3 times a day. Others, 2 times a day and also an everyday medicince.

Anyway, will blog again as soon as I am a-okay but for now I need to rest because I aim to go back for tomorrow's work duty. I really did missed a lot on that 3 days absences that I made.

See y'all around and please take good care of yourself.

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  1. awww :/ iwas na sa bawal sis! Get well soon! *hugs*

  2. Oh what a cute bear but hope you get well the soonest. Just pray and drink all your meds

    Sending hugs


  3. i also have this. pababalik balik naaman sya e.
    get well soon sis :)