My Valentine's Day

February 18, 2014

I'm not really a huge fan of celebrating Valentine's day for the simple reason that everyday feels like one. Anyway, hubby and I usually had dinner date on a Friday after his shift from work. Sakto naman na this year's Valentine's day falls on a Friday kaya nakisabay na kami, hahaha.

Anyway, we decided to have our dinner at Gerry's Grill since hubby also felt like putting some alcohol on our system just to chill out. Grabe! We need to be enlisted and wait to be seated kasi super daming tao. Sabi ko nga kay hubby, "Bakit ang mga tao super makapag-celebrate ng Valentine's day?" and he just said, "Ewan ko. Basta ako everyday Valentine's day, diba?" Just like that I fell in love all over again, ang cheesy diba! Hahaha! 

Going back to the topic.

We ordered Bulalo (out of focus), Crab Rice, Chichabits, and Sisig (no photo).

We really do love dining in at Gerry's Grill kasi super sarap naman talaga ng food nila most especially yung sisig na super favorite namin ni hubby. I wasn't able to take decent photos because both hubby and I are so famished but rest assured that all the food that we ordered are really delicious. We actually wasn't able to order alcoholic beverages due to being so full with our dinner.

Anyway, I did mention that I am not a huge fan of Valentine's day and all the things included with it. I'm so glad my hubby remembered my request to not give me any flowers but instead to give me food or any useful stuff. No, I am not frugal I'm just being practical. Come on, flowers will wither in time while food will satisfy your tummy and as for the useful stuff for the obvious reason that you will be able to use it for as long as you want.

Hey! He's stubborn and still gave me a surprise at ang nakakainis dun medyo pinaghintay niya ako sa labas ng restroom para lang makabili siya ng gift for me, haha. Just to make it clear, every time that we'll have a dinner date meron na kami arrangement na magkikita na lang sa Trinoma or SM North kesa naman sa umuwi pa siya tsaka kami aalis. Take note that he'll be coming from Makati to Quezon City just because he works at Makati and we reside in Quezon City. Medyo nauna akong nakarating sa Trinoma kasi sinadya ko talaga na mauna because I wanted to buy him a mouse pad as a present, haha. Don't judge but he told me that he needed a new mouse pad because the one that he's using at work is already depleted. To cut the story short, wala akong nabiling mouse pad despite sa dami ng store na pinuntahan ko. Hindi ko alam kung saan tinatago ng Trinoma yung mga mouse pads nila, hahaha. Hubby called na nasa Trinoma na siya pero he'll go to the rest room first kaya sabi ko we'll meet na lang sa labas ng rest room. In fairness, ang tagal ko naghintay sa labas then dumating siya holding a long-stemmed red roses. Yes, kinilig naman ako sa ginawa niyang yun. Hahaha! After that scene, nagpunta na kami sa Sky Garden to have dinner pero habang naghihintay kami to be seated nagpaalam na naman si hubby na mag-restroom siya. Sa totoo lang medyo matagal na naman siya nawala pagbalik niya meron na siyang dalang letter donuts from Cello's. Alam niyo yung feeling na asar na asar ka pero kinikilig ka, hahahaha! Ganun lang naman pakiramdam ko to think na medyo malayo yung store ng Cello's Donut sa Gerry's Grill. After dinner, we went home and bought a couple of Tanduay Ice to end the night.

Here's some photos from our Valentine's day.

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  1. i really love gerrys grill restaurant , i have a similar post but its in singapore gerrys grill their food are delicious :)

  2. Looks like you had great fun in this valentines day,lucky you are :)

  3. Wheww! Nakaka takam un food post mo sis!! Everything looks good!!! Nadadaanan ko na yan Gerry's Grill na yan dati sa Las Pinas nung last bakasyon ko sa pinas pero sadly never ko na try sayangggg. next time for sure i will.

    mukang ang saya ng valentines mo! Sweet nyo ng hubby nyo keep the love alive =) MUAH!

  4. Awww so sweet naman!!!! mayroon pang surprise at the end :D love it!!!

  5. Wow, Cello's Doughnuts, I love! Glad you had a great vday with your husband. :)

  6. Glad that you had fun.. I personally think that having great company is really all that matters. Its what makes the day so special

  7. Wow naman....ang ganda naman po ng valentines day mo....full of surprises ang date niyo...heheh...nakaka inggit naman kayo....bigla ko tuloy namiss ang asawa ko heheh....

  8. I saw this donuts too at Cellos and looks like you really had a lot of surprises on VDay.

  9. Belated Happy Valentine's to you sis :) Based on the photos, I'm sure you had a great time. We also love Gerry's Grill.

  10. I'm suddenly sooooo hungry. Hahaa. I not a big fan of Valentine's too but I like the idea of spreading the love. Hahaha! Cute donuts. Happy Valentine's Day to you and to your special someone (Belated).


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