100 Happy Days Project

February 12, 2014

100 Happy Days Project

If you've been following me on Instagram then you will definitely be familiar with my #100HappyDays photos. You may be asking, what the fuss is this 100 Happy Days Project all about? Well, it is simply sharing to the world what made you happy during the day. I joined the project not because I am unhappy but because I just wanted to appreciate all the small things that are coming my way.

If you also want to join then you may visit http://100happydays.com/ for more details.

Since I am in a good mood right now, I provided some screenshot from the site itself on how this project works.

There you go.

By the way, I'm catching up on my #100HappyDays because I stopped at Day 10/100 due to I was in bed with high grade fever. It will be nice if you can also catch up with me and it is better to late than never.

Let us all start to embrace positive vibes on our life so we will all be contented on the small things that we always take for granted.

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