October 2013 Favorite Series: The Random Stuff

November 12, 2013

October 2013 Favorite
Hi loves and welcome back to my blog featuring my October 2013 Favorite Series. If you haven't read the first part of this series, which is the October 2013 Favorite Series: The YouTube Channel, then feel free to click the link that I just provided. Anyway, for today I am going to share the most random things that I've been loving for the month of October so be prepared for lots of pictures. If you are ready then let's get started.


St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub and Myra E Facial Moisturizer

I've been loving the combination of St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub and Myra E Facial Moisturizer ever since I tried them. Yes, I'm still having skin breakouts during every month but I can already see some changes. Also, I haven't been using the Glamworks Green Tea Nose Pore Strips that I used to love. By the way, I only use St. Ives every other day or whenever I was out to do some errands on a long time. As for Myra E, I use it after I wash my face in the morning and at night.

Pink Mirror

The moment I saw this round pink pastel colored mirror at Daiso I told myself that I am going to use it everyday. I even place it on my table right where the computer is, haha. I actually have two (2) of this mirror because the other one was used on my office table when I am still a working mom.


Contact Lens

I've been using eyeglasses since I was a kid and I am guessing that my eye problem is due to hereditary. It all started with a simple astigmatism then I am now wearing a -3.50 contact lens. I should be wearing a -3.75 contact lens according to the assessment done at EO Executive but I requested to wear contact lens lower than my actual grade. I did start on wearing a -3.25 contact lens unfortunately I lost the other half and needed to get another one. Technically, the -3.50 ones are my second pair, haha. Anyway, contact lens price at EO Executive is Php 900.00 and already good for a year plus they say it is extended. I'm thinking of buying colored ones but I'm not sure I'll be able to wear them.


Nail Polish

If you are following me on my Instagram then you will know that my nail polish collection is slowly growing. I tend to buy nail polish whenever I see colors that just caught my attention and this time I am not being picky with the brand, LOL! Yes, I would usually go and buy my nail polish at The Face Shop but lately I've been raving the nail polish section of Watsons. Anyway, I still love The Face Shop because of so many reasons but if I see something nice then why not grab it most especially if the price is right.

On the picture from left to right: The Face Shop in PP405, The Face Shop in PK110, OMG in Gold Digger, OMG in Gossip, OMG in Atlantis, and OMG in Purple Passion.


Bench So In Love Hand Sanitizr

Who doesn't love hand sanitizers? I used to love Bench Rice Milk Hand Sanitizer but when I smelled Bench So In Love Hand Sanitizer I just told myself that I would be getting this one instead of the other. Anyway, both Rice Milk and So In Love was given to me by a good friend from my previous office. I already purchased two (2) more because the one that I am currently using is already running low. I don't know how much it is because I make use of Bench promo which is pay Php 80.00 if you buy 4 hand sanitizers. For the smell, I can't really explain but it really does smell good.


Bench Neon Slub Deep V-Neck Shirt

I've been looking for a basic top and found this deep v-neck in neon over at Bench. It cost at around Php 500+ for two (2) shirts already. I picked the neon ones just because I don't own anything neon just yet. The shirt is really comfortable and even though I wear a size XL (I can actually fit on L but still opted for a bigger one) I still feel sexy, haha. I pair this with my favorite jeans or white shorts but most of the times with jeans. I just got myself another pair yesterday an will show it to you on my next update.

Mircofiber Bath Towel

I love using this Microfiber Bath Towel which I got from SM Surplus for Php 100.00 each. Why do I love this bath towel among the others? Aside from the cute color, this towel are super absorbent, extra lightweight, fast-drying, and compact.


Kitchen Utensils

If you have a cute and colorful utensils would you not want to just stay in the kitchen and cook all day long? Hahaha. I'm only exaggerating though I must say because of this kitchen utensils I am always looking forward on cooking any meal for the family thus unleashing the inner chef in me, haha. Anyway, I got the strainer and tongs at Daison while my sister-in-law bought the scissors so I have no idea where she got it. By the way, the strainer and tongs are silicon ones which is actually nice, I guess.


MyPhone Vortex

I want you all to meet my current blogging companion and the one who is in charge of all the photos. It is not a Samsung but rather a MyPhone Vortex. It may not be an iPhone or a DSLR but I'm so proud of this bad boy for giving me such good quality photos. For a matter of fact, I hardly use my photo editing apps on my phone or just in case there is a need to use them I only do post processing of photos.

That's mostly everything for this series and hope you had a great time reading this as much as I had a great time writing.

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  1. Love your faves <3 That Pink mirror is so cute me likey :)
    Ohhh, It's been a long time since I last do my nails. I bought some new sets last week so yay for nail time *wink wink

    I also have kitchen utensils in cool colors I am learning to cook Filipino dishes and cute stuff like these makes me more excited when cooking

    Thanks for sharin'. Great stuff!


    1. I am also learning to really cook, haha. I only know some and most of them are fried but ever since I got some cool kitchen utensils I've been looking forward on cooking our meal.

  2. Nice!!! :) The pink mirror is a good steal! I love everything pink! And I always envy people who get to use contacts with no itches or what not. :)

    1. You have no idea how hard it is on my first week of wearing contact lens but I kind of get used to it already.

  3. Wow so many October favorites! :))

    I've been seeing St. Ives products and I wonder if they're really good. I'm afraid to try though because it may not be 'hiyang' on my skin.

    The mirror's so cute! May blue ba nyan? Hehe

    The Bench stuff! Sana nakakuha din ako nung shirts. Ang mura lang, infairness. And yung hand sanitizer, does it smell like their So In Love perfume? Hehe

    How much is your MyPhone Vortex? Will try to search for its specs. Im thinking of what phone to buy for my papa eh hehe

    1. I've used St. Ives when I was in high school then stopped kasi wala ako makita or hindi lang ako naghahanap. It is really good for me to think I have combination to sensitive skin. Basta don't use it on a daily basis.

      Yes, meron blue and ang cute din ng pagkakablue niya.

      I'm not familiar with the perfume pero it does smell good, haha.

      MyPhone Vortex is around Php 12k+ nong binili ko.

  4. How about stuff that you really wanted to have this Christmas, say like a wish list. Something that you would expect from family and friends regardless of the cost (or whatever they can afford) And those that you are willing to give/share this Christmas. :)

    1. My Christmas wishlist is actually on draft right now, haha. Will be publishing it asap.

  5. You have every part covered with products including the gadgets.

  6. Great collection of items you have here specially the colorful kitchen utensils and the nail polish.I also bought nail polish last month which i used only once.(I am now thinking of painting my nails. :-))

    1. Since I got a lot of polish, I always paint my nails on a weekly basis. Hahaha!

  7. OMG!! I want that goldie gold nail polish! Perfect to complement my dark skin tone! ♥♥♥

    1. You should get it. It only cost Php 20.00

  8. Your phone doesn't look like the usual MyPhone but it looks so cool! How much is it?

  9. I love the mirror! It's pink and very girly. I have tried once the Myra Facial Moisturizer before but didn't notice any effect on my so I stopped it. It's nice that it worked on you. Nice picks anyway ♥

  10. I also have that basic tee from bench for my workout outfit.I love wearing loose and v neck shirt for sweats. hehe.

  11. That pink mirror and the contact lenses---I love them. I also have astigmatism and only buy contacts at -3.50 so I know how you feel. Non graded ones are a no no for me, and I need to have graded so I can see well when I cosplay hehehe :D And also to get the right eye color for the character :D

  12. My favorites in this post are definitely the kitchen utensils, and the cheap MyPhone! I love how even when the Vortex is budget friendly, it performs more than your money's worth.

  13. I was pleasantly surprised with your recommendation of My Phone Vortex. Will be checking it out. I hope it is a dual SIM.

  14. I love the Apricot Scrub too and I've been using it for years *high five* And that is one cute hand sanitizer! All I see here are Dettol etc

  15. You have just made a great review here by providing a details review of every part to part.

  16. I have tried your for the face stuffs. Honestly I love those products. How long you been using them?