How We're Going to Celebrate Valentine's Day

It sucks that this years Valentine's Day falls on Tuesday - which is a weekday - and celebrating it on the exact day will never happen because we need to set our priority straight which means work for hubby. I'm pretty sure our celebration will be held on a weekend but it won't be as grandiose as what I want it to be. Hey, don't get me wrong on the word grandiose because I only mean celebrating a special day with just us two. You see, we are a parents of two lovely kids thus celebration of special occasions always comes in four and asking for a date night for two is already considered as grand. I know that my Valentine's Day plan for this year will be considered as cancelled but I would still want to share it with you and maybe you can celebrate it for us.

I was actually planning on going back at The Purple Owl located in Tagaytay because we really had a great romantic experience when we celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary last 2014. Unfortunately, plans on going back is considered as cancelled since Valentine's Day falls on a weekdays although there's still our Wedding Anniversary to celebrate and hope it falls on a weekend.

Anyway, going back to The Purple Owl. The reason on why I wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day at The Purple Owl, aside from the first hand experience on how great they are, is because of their Valentine's Day offer which includes live acoustic band, photo with frame and sumptuous dinner just to name a few.

If you can't make it on February 14, The Purple Owl also have a Pre-Valentine's Day offer which is equally romantic as their Valentine's Day offer because there will be dinner buffet, unlimited popcorn, mobile bar, movies, and a lot more.
Who wouldn't want to celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day, right? I may not be able to celebrate February 14 but I will still be looking forward on celebrating other special events with my husband. For now, we will settle on having our dinner at the nearest food park together with the kids while enjoying the variety of foods and hopefully the live band will be there to serenade the four of us.

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