YouTube Adventure Began

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Angie Vianzon

Finally! Another check was marked on my bucket list when I started my YouTube adventure last May 1, 2016 and I must say I'm actually having fun doing vlogs for my channel. I know that a lot of improvement needs to be done plus the fact that there are no exciting things to share as of the very moment since the kids and I are just inside the house every single day. I'll do some necessary changes one day at a time because I still need to get hold of how everything works. Anyway, I've been actively uploading vlogs every single day despite the fact that I need to tend to my mommy duties - hello multi-tasking - nevertheless everything is perfectly sailing.

I have plans of filming other stuff aside from the vlogs but for now I need to figure out how my Canon EOS 1200D works when it comes to taking videos, LOL! Sorry but I always use it for photography purposes.

I'll try my best to share a lot of things on my daily vlogs especially those when we are outside the house, I just hope that I'll have the courage to hold my gadget out in the open while talking to the camera with the eyes of people glued on me. HAHAHAHAHA! So yeah, hope to see you all on my channel and I do accept constructive criticism for my improvement but please don't be harsh on me. HAHAHAHAHA!

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